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Official Convention Dates:

  • Friday, Oct. 2nd
    • 4:30PM - 6:30PM: Registration, dealer room and fan tables.
    • 7PM- 10PM : Mingle Banquet

  • Saturday, Oct. 3rd
    • 9AM -? : Registration, guests, autographs, panels, auctions, costume contest, filking, gaming, video, fan tables, dealers.

  • Sunday, Oct. 4th
    • 9AM-5:30 or 6 PM: Registration, guests, autographs, auctions, gaming, video, fan tables, dealers.

We are no longer accepting pre-registration forms.

Door prices are as follows:

Friday (without the banquet), Saturday and Sunday: $55
Children 6-12 are $27

Saturday only: $35
Children 6-12 are $17

Sunday only: $30
Children 6-12 are $15

Children under 5 are free

Registration opens Friday at 4:30 PM , Saturday and Sunday at 9AM

Note that ZonCon has a no weapons policy.

Please note Hudson Leick will be attending the banquet as well as appearing onstage Saturday. She will be signing autographs on Saturday, October 3rd and, for a strictly limited time, on Sunday, October 4th. All other guests will be appearing at the banquet, onstage or at panels on Saturday and Sunday signing autographs for both days.

Please be advised that guests may cancel at any time due to work commitments or for health reasons.   In the event of a cancellation we will attempt to find another guest to appear in their place.   ZonCon cannot refund memberships for any reason, however, memberships are transferrable, and may be sold or given away.

For more information, please call: Debra St. Charles at 410.442.2179

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