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ZonCon Dayworker/Volunteer Form

If you would like to be added to the volunteer list for future ZonCon events, please read on.

Volunteers will be known as "Dayworkers". They are not to be confused with "Staff".

Dayworkers will not be given free membership, but will get special autograph privileges, and be an integral part in the running and success of ZonCon.

Shifts will be rotated so that no-one will miss an entire day's program. Each shift is 4 hours, and each dayworker is expected to work 1 shift.

Who should apply:
We are looking for people who are prompt, efficient, enthusiastic, and willing to follow directions the first time they are given.   Good teamwork is essential. Each worker is a vital part of the convention.

Fans who pay their hard-earned money to attend the convention are to be treated with the utmost respect and consideration. All complaints and concerns of attendees should be noted and dealt with in a courteous and timely manner.

Duties include:

  • SECURITY - This department works under the direction of the security supervisor. Duties include checking badges for various functions, guarding equipment and/or merchandise. This department runs 24 hours.

  • REGISTRATION/INFO - Responsibilities include registering members, and responding to questions or giving directions.

  • GAMING - Supervisors and assistants are needed, as well as registration personnel. This department runs 12 hours in various shifts. Gaming activities might include Star Trek, B5, and Xena:WP card games. Being familiar with these games is helpful.

  • RUNNERS - These people must have a car in good working condition and be familiar with the area, and be able to leave the con to procure supplies/items as needed.

  • GENERAL ASSISTANCE - To help dealers and fan-clubs set-up and/or break down tables, and to assist with short distance manual transport of goods/boxes.

If you agree with and can comply with the above, please fill out the form below.

line 2:

Please choose the Department(s) you would like to be assigned to:

Security Registration/Info Gaming
Runners General Assistance Anything Goes

What days will you be able to work?

Friday Saturday
Sunday Sunday Tear-Down

What Hours will you be able to work?

 Mornings 8am - 12 noon  Afternoons 12 noon - 5pm
 Evenings 5pm - 10pm  Late Night 10pm +

Briefly mention any events you don't want to miss - we will try to not schedule you for work during these events:

Tell us a little about yourself:

The Fine Print:

I have read the above and agree to work in a voluntary capacity at ZonCon.   I understand that I am responsible for my own actions while working, and that ZonCon cannot be held liable for them. I agree to abide by the rules of duty outlined by my supervisor, and also that violation of those rules could result in my ejection from position and possibly from the convention.

Do you certify that the above information you provided is true to your knowledge, and that you agree with the terms and conditions set forth:

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