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ZonCon'98 was pleased to offer the following presentations and panels for our members.

ROBOT COMBAT - Ron Karren - A truly unique and unusual video and discussion of the building techniques and competitions for combat robots.

FUTURE OF MEDICINE - What will surgery be like in zero gravity or on other planets?   What does the future hold for medicine?   Lisa Ashton, a physician's assistant talks about modern day medicine and the possibilities that exist for the future and beyond the planet earth.

Inge Heyer presented the following topics:

  1. A Journey Through the Universe with the Hubble Telescope (slide presentation).
  2. An Overview of the Mars Pathfinder MIssion (slide & video presentation).
  3. Living and Working in Space [children's program] (slide & video presentation).
  4. The Solar System Ballet (workshop and presentation for children ages 5 - 10).

COLLABORATIONS - Carmen Carter - How do authors team up to write a single book?   How are characters developed, consistency maintained, and what other hurdles do they face to make it all come together and meet that deadline?

NEVERWHERE - An original six episode BBC miniseries rated PG-13.   Discover the secret macabre world of London Below in this riveting three hour presentation.   Richard Mayhew, an unassuming securities agent, rescues Door, a young woman running from would-be assasins and his life is changed forever.

INTRO TO COSTUMING - Lisa Ashton - Ideas, concepts, fabric choices, props, makeup and more for the beginning costumer.

BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER: NOT JUST A KID'S SHOW - Carole D. Breakstone - Join in on a discussion of one of television's hottest shows.

XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS: What Went Wrong with the Third Season - Carole D. Breakstone - Has Xena lost the magic?

IMAGES OF WOMEN ON SCI-FI TV - Carmen Carter, Annie Wheeler, Ron Karren - From original Trek to Buffy the Vampire Slayer, how the image of women has changed on television today.

ZORRO: PAST AND PRESENT - Susan O'Brien - One of the large and small screen's most popular heroes is discussed in this entertaining and enlightening presentation.

BABYLON 5: CRUSADE, FACT AND FICTION - Susan O'Brien, Annie Wheeler - You've heard the rumors now get the facts about the B5 spin-off series.

PREPARING MANUSCRIPTS FOR PUBLICATION - Carmen Carter, Judith Conly - So you want to be a writer and take those first steps toward publication.   Learn the do's and don'ts of publishing and increase the chances your book will get into print.

CYPHER - Judith Conly reads from her manuscript 'Cypher'.

FOAM CARVING FOR COSTUMES - Lisa Ashton - Transform common foam (think seat cushions) into works of art and clever additions to your costumes.

SCI-FI ART - Lance Oszko - Incredible works of sci-fi art are showcased in this wonderful and delightful presentation.

WRITING FANFIC - Ella Quince, Ron Karren, Annie Wheeler, Judith Conly - If you enjoy writing about your favorite sci-fi or fantasy characters and want to hone your skills, then this was the workshop for you.

B5 AND TELEPATHS - Judith Conly - Telepathy and its importance to Babylon 5.

WEREWOLF REBORN - Robin Atkin Downes stars in this quirky and entertaining film.

GAMING ROOM - The tables were there, all we needed was you and your friends. Could start your own game or join another.   Watch and learn to play card games such as Illuminati: New World Order, Xena: Warrior Princess, Magic, Vampire, Babylon 5, X-Files, Star Trek, or any other CCG or RPG game.


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