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Robin Atkin Downes was born under a rock in the garden, in the U.K., and now resides in Los Angeles.   His career over the last 11 years has taken him through most areas of the United States and around the World.   Currently he can be seen as Byron, on Babylon 5.   He also played the role of Morann, a member of the Grey Council both in the Episode “Atonement,” in season four and the TNT movie “In the Beginning”.   He has also appeared in Buffy the Vampire Slayer as Machida, (The Snakeman).   Since his arrival to Los Angeles three years ago, Robin has also starred in the movie, Werewolf Reborn, and in several Independent movies, including Creosote, Four on the Floor, The Blue Bouquet, and Maria’s Diary.

Over the last 11 years Robin has had the opportunity to perform in theatrical productions all over the world.   Favorites include: Richard in Richard III, Friedrich in The Ramp, Other Federico in Sign of the Lizard, and Brink/Skinlad in Road, performed in Prague and Pilsen, among many others.

Robin holds an MFA from Temple University and is a member of Actors Equity Association and Screen Actors Guild.

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