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Heather Alexander spends her days playing tag with her five cats, being trained by her Arabian horse, horsing around with her husband, being scolded by her parrot, or scolding her daughter. Her free time is spent singing and playing orginal and traditional Celtic music on fiddle, guitar, mandolin and bodhran.

Last year her performances took on a new dimension when she was joined on stage by her foster daughter Mairi, an 1800 year old changeling, who doesn't look a day over 17. Partially deaf, Mairi provides song signing, which brings the musical imagery closer to audiences, materializing mythology before their very eyes.

With the release of her solo CD, "Wanderlust", Heather has been receiving nationwide recognition. Praised as " exceptional album" (Dirty Linen), with "high marks for authenticity and fire" (Folk Roots), "Wanderlust" is well worth a listen. Since "Wanderlust", she has released a live album, "Life's Flame" and another studio recording "Midsummer".

This year, she began work on her fourth solo album, "A Gypsy's Home", a selection of both original and traditional songs and music.

Her previous work on book/album tie-ins like "Songsmith" and "Shadowstalker", as well as her original Celtic rock album "Keepers of the Flame" (with her former band, Phoenyx), have assured her popularity at SF cons, while her appearances at pubs, coffee houses, and Highland Games have made her music available to the public at large.

She can be found on the Web at Seafire

If you have several hours to kill, ask her about her horse.

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