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Since the Domestic Violence Center of Howard County has graciously accepted our offer to become the charity beneficiary of ZonCon'98, we'd like to provide you with more information about them.

Many of you have heard of the House of Ruth, well, the Domestic Violence Center of Howard County is similar, albeit smaller.   Their mission statement espouses their strong concern for women and children.   Specifically, the organization strives to eliminate family violence from the community through counseling, advocacy, and community education and awareness.

The Domestic Violence Center of Howard County believes it is the right of every individual to live a life free of abuse or the fear of abuse.   They offer a variety of services including individual and group counseling for women and children, as well as group counseling for men through their "New Behaviors" program.   The center provides safe shelter for women and children, legal services, a 24 hour help line, community education, and volunteer services.

Funding for the Domestic Violence Center of Howard County comes primarily from state, local, and federal governments, the United Way, grants, and private donations.   The center has a staff of 22 (15 full-time) and a volunteer staff of 90.   They are located in Columbia, Maryland.

We are pleased to announce that our fundraising efforts on their behalf coincide with the celebration of the center's 20th anniversary.   Truly a cause for celebration! Let's make ZonCon'98 a fun experience for all participants and an *enriching* one for our charity.


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