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ZONCON BYLAWS version 1.2


Zon Con is jointly owned by Deb St. Charles and SuZilla. These individuals will be individually designated "co-Chair"/"Chair", and collectively are "co-Chairs"/"Chairs". The Chairs may revise the bylaws at their discretion at any time, with the most updated version having full authority. Furthermore, in all issues the Chairs have the final word and power of veto.

The chairs also reserve the right to assist in, or take over if need be, any duties assigned to someone else, for the sake of the Con.

The Board:

The board is at present composed of three individuals. The Chairs, and one vice-Chair, who is appointed by the Chairs. These individuals are collectively referred to as the "Board". Most Con related decisions will typically be made by the Board, and may sometimes also involve certain staff.

Staff Positions:

All staff positions are subject to appointment by the Chairs. Each appointment is typically for the duration of one year, or per con, unless otherwise terminated or extended by the Chairs. Staff positions are not exclusive - ie, 2 or more people may be appointed to one position, or one person may hold several postions. Staff are all ultimately answerable to the Chairs only.

Charity Liason
Guest Co-ordinator
Security Supervisor
Dyke Security Squad
Web page/internet dept
Publications Dept
Volunteer Supervisor
Guest Escorts
Dealer's room liason
Hotel Liason
Con Activities Dept

Information pending

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